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About Us

Welcome to the 100% genuine Alvaro Castagnino product store, bringing the highest quality clothing and accessories to discriminating customers around the world. The exclusive Alvaro Castagnino brand cufflinks, shirts, sunglasses and more are the best products of their kind available anywhere. With this new online store, Alvaro Castagnino connects directly with consumers, bringing the right brand to the right people. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff to arrange fast shipping for your purchase. Whether for you or as a gift, Alvaro Castagnino offers the perfect accents that set a man apart from others.

Alvaro Castagnino cotton and cotton-blend dress shirts come in solid colors, stripes, check patterns, and more. Accent the shirt with a pair of our cufflinks chosen from a vast selection of sizes, styles and designs from traditional to contemporary. Alvaro Castagnino neckties can match any outfit with a variety of colors, patterns, weave styles and materials. Styles vary from classic and formal to trendy and edgy. Perhaps you prefer a bow tie, in which case we have many colors available for a dapper appearance. Alvaro Castagnino ties come in beautiful presentation boxes.

Match the Alvaro Castagnino shirt and tie with classic leather belts and wallets in brown or black. They are available in many different sizes and styles suitable for any taste. Comfortable Y-back suspenders in stripes, argyle patterns or solid colors are a stylish alternative to a belt. Complete the outfit with a dapper microfiber or silk blend pocket square or dressy handkerchief in the suit pocket. Value-minded shoppers will find gift sets that combine wallets and belts, belts and neckties, ties and pocket-handkerchiefs, or the ultimate gift of an Alvaro Castagnino tie, pocket-handkerchief and cufflinks set in one beautiful presentation package.

Alvaro Castagnino also stocks many accessories for the well-dressed man. Our soft, moisture-absorbing socks are perfect for business, casual or even formal wear. They arrive in sets of three. Express a unique sense of style with a fedora or Panama-style hat. Alvaro Castagnino stocks many styles, materials, colors and styles from conservative and traditional to the contemporary and funky. In cold weather, an Alvaro Castagnino muffler or scarf in one of dozens of patterns and colors becomes a stylish cold weather essential. These are made of an exclusive soft and warm viscose fiber.

Men and women alike enjoy the Alvaro Castagnino laptop bags and sunglasses. The sunglasses are available in multiple styles, frame materials and level of lens shading. They highlight any face shape and complexion while protecting the eyes from dangerous UV solar rays. Alvaro Castagnino unisex laptop bags are available in styles including shoulder bags and briefcase-style cases. The supple leather-like material feels and looks exactly like real leather.

Enjoy the exclusive Alvaro Castagnino brand clothing and accessory line knowing you have purchased the best quality 100% genuine products available.